3 Questions to Opisto
Why did you decide to exhibit at EQUIP AUTO Paris 2022 ?

We have been returning to the exhibition for several years because we firmly believe that our presence at the exhibition is worthwhile.
Opisto is the specialist in second-hand car parts, guaranteed, checked and at the best price. We are the driving force behind the digital transition in automotive recycling and the leader in online distribution of used car parts in France.
EQUIP AUTO allows us to highlight our know-how, our expertise and the importance of the circular economy in the automotive industry which gives a second life to spare parts and purchasing power to consumers.
What opportunities does it offer your company ?

EQUIP AUTO allows us, over the space of a few days, to concentrate a large number of meetings with key players in our market, previously with BtoB clients and henceforth with BtoC customers thanks to the merger of the exhibition with Mondial de l'Auto.
Opisto democratises used parts and makes them accessible to both professionals and consumers, so we are delighted to be able to address these two targets at the same event!

What new developments will you be presenting at the show?

Opisto is a French SME that is constantly developing and diversifying. Our solutions and products are constantly evolving to adapt to the market, to demand and to the development of the end-of-life vehicle business.
We are also continuing our European development with the creation of tools stemming from our Opisto 360 software dedicated to end-of-life vehicle centres, adapted for Spain and Italy.

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