3 Questions to Errecom

Why did you decide to exhibit at EQUIP AUTO Paris 2022 ?

This is the sixth edition of Equip Auto that we attend, so I think that this fact already speaks for us! This exhibition is for Errecom a point of reference that represents the French automotive market and, considering that Errecom exports in more than 130 countries in the world, you can easily see how much the direct contact with our prospect and longstanding clients means to us. As much as the pandemic has strengthened the digitalisation era, let’s not forget that behind the world of business still stand people who, by nature, are social animals whose entire life is based on relationships. And for this reason, participating in EQUIP AUTO 2022 will give us a lot of opportunities, especially after the forced break that we (as the entire world) have experienced in terms of social relations during the last years.
What opportunities does it offer your company ?

EQUIP AUTO 2022 represents more than one opportunity for Errecom. First, it is a great way to introduce news and innovations developed by our in-house chemical laboratory and R&D Department.
Secondly, as mentioned earlier regarding relationships, this exhibition enables us to meet our French distributors, not to forget the chance to meet and connect with the main players of the French automotive industry.
What new developments will you be presenting at the show ?

One of our main goals for this edition is to spread awareness about the fact that Errecom is available to share its know-how with automotive technicians. How? With Errecom Academy! I am talking about a project developed to provide technicians with the specialist training they need to carry out the best maintenance of vehicle A/C systems. By joining Errecom Academy, technicians will have access to exclusive content and courses: masterclasses, webinars, and on-site training classes to solve A/C problems and even prevent them. Besides, another great news regards products suitable for hybrid and electric cars. Environment and greener solutions are the future: we felt like it was necessary to develop solutions in this field as well. What else? Well… come and visit us to find it out!


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