3 Questions to Corhofi

Why did you decide to exhibit at EQUIP AUTO Paris 2022 ?

Over the years, EQUIP AUTO has become the leading international event for innovation in the automotive aftermarket. As the leading independent French company specialising in capital goods financing, Corhofi works with all professionals in the automotive repair sector. It is therefore only natural that Corhofi should wish to attend EQUIP AUTO 2022 for the 4th consecutive edition.

What opportunities does it offer your company ?

For over 15 years now, Corhofi has been helping repair businesses, auto centres, body shops and car dealerships to finance their business. Whatever the financial circumstances of the business: recent creation, growth or a difficult patch... Corhofi is aware of the challenges inherent in their activity (technological developments, productivity, competitiveness...), and therefore supports them constantly to seek financing solutions that meet their needs.

Exhibiting at EQUIP AUTO is therefore a real opportunity for Corhofi to take advantage of the capital meetings offered by the exhibition to develop its network and increase its visibility among the different players in the market: distributors, equipment manufacturers, institutions, etc.

What new developments will you be presenting at the show ?

Corhofi's new developments will be "digital" at the next EQUIP AUTO, with several projects currently underway:
- The redesign of the Corhofi corporate website: our business activity is constantly changing, and the old website no longer meets Corhofi's expectations or those of its visitors.
- The creation of a remarketing web platform: it is important for Corhofi to give a second life to equipment that has reached the end of its contract (equipment, vehicles, industrial machinery, etc.). With the creation of this platform, Corhofi is taking an innovative and responsible approach by extending their useful life.
- The Corhofi partner portal is constantly being improved with the addition of new functions and the automation of certain tasks, with the aim of providing ever more information and services to the distributors and equipment manufacturers who use it.

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