3 Questions to CILEA

Why did you decide to exhibit at EQUIP AUTO Paris 2022 ?

For 25 years, we have never missed an edition of EQUIP AUTO. As a software publisher dedicated to the automotive repair and sales industry, we consider it to be the most important event in the industry. More than ever, after this long period without trade events, EQUIP AUTO is an opportunity to consolidate the link with all the players in the ecosystem. The success of EQUIP AUTO On tour is proof of this, confirming our belief that all the players in the industry are eager to take part in these meetings.
What opportunities does it offer your company ?

Exchanging with our customers and partners, identifying market trends and looking to the future by initiating projects in a friendly business climate are the promises of this major meeting of the automotive industry.

What new developments will you be presenting at the show?

Many new features and surprises will punctuate this edition, which will be resolutely geared towards mobility, in particular with innovations on tablets and smartphones. Our priority is to save time for users through business functionalities but also through access to data via the medium best suited to the use.


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