Exhibitors interviews in 3 questions

Thibaud Lesueur, Total Energies

Networks in 3 questions

Which innovation will revolutionise the world of cars in the medium term? 
Question to: 
  • Thibaud Lesueur, Total Energies
  • Stanislas Brodar, Elringkilinger Meillor SAS

Energy transition

3 questions to:

  • Daniel Berreby, Bosch 
  • Catherine Loobuyck, Hella

The Garage of the Future: from tomorrow to 2032

The Garage in the era of the electric vehicle. 
3 questions to: 
  • Guillaume Hebert, 
  • Moba Gilles Hernandez, 
  • Hella Gutmann / Forvia  
A space to discover at the exhibition.

From garage equipment to tools

Garage equipment, technical control and tools. 
3 questions to:
  • Laurent Mahieux, RAV France
  • Sylvain Estrade, Provac
  • Philippe Barrault, Clas

Networks in 3 questions

What does a network represent in 2022? What are its benefits?
They share their vision with us:

  • Audrey Bidart, Nexus Automotive International S.A
  • Fabien Guimard, Autodistribution
  • Michael Danhier, LKQ - Van Heck Interpièces France

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