ECU maintenance: the best practices, the right equipment

Conference Technological innovations: the Garage of the Future Repairs - Maintenance and diagnostics Services for professionals Networks

2022-10-19 | 05:00 PM - 05:40 PM | Conference Room Pavilion 2.2

ECU maintenance: the best practices, the right equipment


Moderator: Emmanuel Taillardat, Automotive journalist - EQUIP AUTO

Behind the scenes in the fight for access to technical data led by the Aftermarket sector for decades

The Aftermarket has won access to data… but “over the air” communications are already jeopardising the progress made.

  • Fair access to manufacturer data

  • Getting access to ECU maintenance in 2022

  • The future of ‘over the air’ programming repairs, and challenges for repair pros.


  • Amar Cheballah Amar Cheballah
    A.C.Consulting / MOBILIANS Expert en Technologies Automobiles
  • Gérard Perot Gérard Perot
    Autodistribution Reponsable service technique national
  • Eléonore Van Haute Eléonore Van Haute
    Figiefa Spécialiste Affaires publiques